How to get quotes for your courier work on mtvan

There’s a useful tutorial video here, on how to add a courier booking to mtvan. You can use this to post work on the courier work exchange, or to use the invoicing system on mtvan, or both.

mtvan is a courier freight exchange, where people who have courier work that needs covering can look for people with vans who can offer good prices to do the work.

Got a question? Click here to ask – it’s free! the website is gradually being updated to include 100% complete and free articles on courier work. Please register and we’ll keep you updated. the website is totally free, but remember that for just £4.99 you can download the whole thing as a convenient PDF here.

Note: Tim Gilbert owns and runs, so is obviously completely biased! There are other exchanges out there, which are worth checking out as part of your research into courier work, but generally they are either really expensive, or they have no work on them.

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