Keeping in touch with the controller

Keeping in touch with the controller (dispatcher).

This is perhaps the most important aspect of doing courier work for a courier company. The controller is the person in the courier company office who hands the work out to the couriers. Keep the controller aware of your progress so that he/she can in turn keep the customer aware. It will increase your earnings, as when there’s a job nearby you’ll have a better chance of being offered it.

If you are having difficulty locating a pick-up or delivery address, let the controller know, and he/she will be able to advise the customer if necessary, and also assist you. You may find that the moment you say you’re in trouble with it, he’ll say “oh yes, everyone has trouble the first time finding that one – it’s down the alleyway next to the burger van”. So let the controller know if you are running late for any reason, and it’ll save you and everyone time and hassle.

If you cannot complete a job for whatever reason — puncture, breakdown, incorrect address, kidnapped by aliens, accident, your first call should be to the controller.

Unless you’re asked not to, call the controller with the “name and time” of the delivery as soon as you’ve done it.

Always contact the controller if you are doing a remote collection somewhere because during the time it has taken for you to make the first collection another pick-up in the same area may have come in.

Let the controller know if you are kept waiting anywhere.

The more you keep in touch the more chance you’ll have of being given “double-ups”, ie work nearby going in a similar direction, and return journeys.

Every extra job you do, is extra profit on your expenses.

If you are doing a job for another courier company, let everyone know when and where you’ll be empty.

In summary, the controller is trying to keep three sets of people happy; the customer, the courier, and the courier company owner. Do everything you can to help him keep everyone happy, and he will generally reward you with good work whenever he has it.

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