Making an appointment to meet the buyer

For many companies, especially smaller ones, filling in your application form and trying your service may be enough to get them hooked and trying you out.

Once your new customer has sent you a completed account application form, you are in a position to start working for them on account.

If you’d rather they paid by credit card you can set this up easily on your website using Paypal or Google Checkout or similar, but you’ll have to agree it in advance. It’s well worth it, though, as being owed money by your customers is one of the biggest risks in courier work. It’s easy to set up a courier payment page on your website. Just set up a Google Checkout account, and get the code, and create a webpage. You can set it up so your customer can enter an amount they wish to pay, then enter their credit card details.

Some larger customers who are planning on spending a great deal on courier services are likely to want to meet up with you to make sure they understand what your operation is like, and make sure it meets their needs… the website is gradually being updated to include 100% complete and free articles on courier work, including this one about how to make appointments with the buyers of courier work in big companies. Please register and we’ll keep you updated. the website is totally free, but remember that for just £4.99 you can download the whole thing as a convenient PDF here.

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