Making yourself available for courier work

As an owner-driver courier, you are free to make yourself available at times to suit yourself. This can mean that you can work full time or part time. However, if your customer (the courier company) is relying on you to be available to enable him to service his customer, some kind of arrangement and commitment between you and the courier company may well help everyone.

Basically, a controller will always favours someone who can always say “yes” to a job when offered. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but it’s a reputation you need to work towards.

There is however a real risk that if the courier company tells you when you have to work, it can be seen by HM Revenue & Customs as being evidence that you are actually an employee of the courier company.

Posting yourself as empty and available for work on one of the courier work exchange websites will also help you, as it helps you spread the word that you are looking for work. Make sure you update your details in full, to allow people to get in touch, and to see you are properly insured and equipped.

To make the most of the best working hours, it helps if you to try and schedule your vehicle maintenance for the weekend, or to have an alternative vehicle to use.

This is where contract hire really gives you an advantage, as the hire company will give you a van to use while they service your regular one.

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