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How much to charge for courier services

People often ask: “What should I charge?” The main thing which affects this, is what everyone else in your area is charging. There’ll be a range, and you have to find your place in that range. It’s important that customers feel they can get what they really want at a price they regard as fair. Don’t undersell yourself, and don’t try to be the cheapest, as most people know that if something is cheap it’s likely to be disappointing. You have to let them know it’s not the cheapest, but that it is good value for what they are getting. The price is an important part of your image and will...
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Using mtvan to help get courier work

Once you’ve got the hang of working for one courier company, you may want to see whether working for several courier companies will help you make more money. You make yourself available on one of the courier work exchanges, such as, and bid for work from other courier members and from end-users. Obviously, you have to avoid any risk of messing up work for one courier company because of work you’re doing for another. You need also to be very careful to look after the commercial secrets of all the courier companies you deliver for. This obviously means not talking about customers and...
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