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Invoicing for courier work

Unless the company you do courier work for operates ”self-billing” (ie they produce your invoice for you and send it to you with your money) you’ll need a simple way of invoicing for the work you do. You can start with a simple invoice book from a stationer, or just use MS Word or Excel (Google for invoice templates to use), or use a simple online invoicing system as provided by websites like [Note: Tony’s Guide is mtvan’s sister website, so we’re bound to reccommend it!]. When choosing an invoicing system, the simpler the better. What you want is something...
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Courier Software to run your business

You will need a pc, laptop, notebook, or iPad to run your courier business, with a broadband connection at home or in the office, obviously. We suggest that you do not rush into investing in a “system” or special software to run your courier business. Most of what you need to do in the early days can be done perfectly well on the standard Microsoft Office programs that come with a pc. Letters can be done on Word. Invoices can be done on Excel using the Excel invoice templates. Lists of couriers, customers, and sales prospects can be kept on Outlook. When the time comes, and if you really feel you...
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