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Courier sales letters

Letters can be vary according to the sort of customer you are aiming at, but here’s an example. As you will see, it is a letter to send as a follow-up to a phone conversation. Perhaps after you have sent a mailshot, and followed it up with a phone call. You have to push yourself do all of this, including the phone calls, as just sending out letters, or any kind of mailshot, is pointless. It makes you feel like you’re doing some sales, but without sales phone calls, sending mailshots never, ever, produces any results. Technology Unlimited Limited Technology House Technology...
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Writing courier sales letters and emails

Writing sales letters for your courier business is an art that can take a bit of practice. Here we highlight the four most common mistakes and offer some tips. When anyone opens a letter or an email, they think “What’s in it for me?” Nothing else. So you must convince them within the first few seconds that you can offer solutions to their problems. It takes only a few seconds after the email is opened for the judgement to be made: “read on or delete”. So it’s got to be right in the first few lines. Here is a list of common errors made by sales people, both in letters and face...
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