Updating your free profile on mtvan.

It’s worth signing up to anything that will get you some extra web presence for free, and this includes the courier work freight exchange mtvan.com.

Once you have signed up, it’s worth putting a bit of effort into your profile, to make it attractive to potential customers looking for a courier.

They are courier companies looking for a suitable courier to entrust with their customer’s goods, and need to be reassured that you are a suitable choice before calling you.

The three things to do are:

Upload a logo or photo yourself or your van.
Upload your insurance and identity documents.
Describe yourself and your operation.

The regular vendors on mtvan always say that they will only call people with updated profiles, so it’s worth putting in the effort.

Your profile will also come up in Google search results, like this one:

Quelch European Courier Services

which is another good reason to make it look good. It’s like an additional free website that people searching for your business will readily find, which means they can call you and enquire about your services.

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Note: Tim Gilbert owns and runs mtvan.com, so is obviously completely biased! There are other exchanges out there, which are worth checking out as part of your research into courier work, but generally they are either really expensive, or they have no work on them.

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